Top 5 features released in Bold BI v3.3.40

I wanted my first blog to be about the product that I am a part of. This is Bold BI from Syncfusion.

For those of you who don't know what is Bold BI, here is a short intro.

Bold BI is a business intelligence software available both as a SaaS and an Enterprise version. It is a complete revamp of the Syncfusion's Dashboard Platform which was launched in 2015.

November 2015 => Syncfusion Announces Dashboard Platform

June 2019 => Bold BI was born - SaaS version

October 2019 => Bold BI was released for on-premise

Quicklinks: Sign Up, Documentation, Blogs, Solutions, Release history

Coming again to the blog, I am going to cover the top 5 features I liked the most in Bold BI in the latest release v3.3.40.

  1. Combine multiple visuals into one block - Group Visuals Grouping visuals lets you use the group as a single widget thereby moving, resizing easier, and visualize the data faster. Combine Visuals

  2. Combine data sources - the most wanted feature by the Bold BI customers Say, if you want to compare the goal conversions in Google Analytics with the actual leads created in Salesforce, you can connect both of them in Bold BI and combine them as a single data source to visualize in the dashboards. Combine Data Sources

  3. Publish dashboards and data sources to other sites in Bold BI - This is a helpful feature that comes in handy when you want to move dashboards/data sources created in one Bold BI Server to another. Below are the use cases it covers, i. When you have dev, staging, and production servers ii. When you have multiple customers having their own tenant in the Bold BI multi-tenant application(Oh, Yes! Bold BI is a multi-tenant application server) and want to publish the same dashboard (but with different data sources - this is covered by the next feature). Publish Module

  4. Data Security - new additions i. Isolation Code ii. Custom Attributes These are new additions to the Data Security features in Bold BI. These are simply parameters that filter the data based on the user, group, or the tenant itself, yet powerful in their own forms. Isolation Code Custom Attributes

  5. New Data Sources - as a custom, new data sources are added in every release until there are no other data sources in the market Bold BI now supports 120+ data sources. Newly added are the below,

EDI, SQLite, Influx DB, A separate connector for CData, LinkedIn, Zoho, Zendesk CRM, Commvault, Xero, Lessonly, SAP HANA data source through ODBC

See for yourself from the docs,

Combine Widgets

Combine Data Sources

Publish Module

Isolation Code

Custom Attributes

Other useful links,

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