Nuke Build - best build automation system

Nuke Build - best build automation system

There were a number of build automation systems for the .net ecosystem. All had their own pros which helped many developers in the build teams. Developers in the other teams also had chances to work in the build automation systems. But some build systems needed full-time build engineers to code and run those systems.

As a web developer, I too had a chance to work in the build automation systems,

  1. FinalBuilder - with a GUI, it was too easy to prepare and run the builds.
  2. PowerShell - build system with PowerShell scripts was powerful yet complex to write.
  3. Cake (C# Make) - simple, easy to set up, and with a lot of extensions scripting with C#.

BUT, now I had the opportunity to use Nuke.Build for my build system and I am obsessed heavily with it that I love it so much.

Comparing all these 4 build systems, from my point of view, I would recommend Nuke. We would not need a separate build team while using Nuke as it is coupled with your project itself. You would be able to debug Nuke targets in your own IDE.

Here is a sample nuke project for your reference.

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